South Region
Early Intervention
in Psychosis Programme

No other set of conditions come close to the magnitude of the deleterious effects of psychosis. The cost to society is high both in human and fiscal terms. Therefore as part of the new national strategy for mental health,  Achieving Better Access to Mental Health Services by 2020, we are pleased to announce Time4Recovery – a collaboration involving people who access services, carers, clinicians, researchers, managers and commissioners who are passionate about improving outcomes for people with a first episode of psychosis.

Download the Early Intervention in Psychosis Standards Postcards

View the 2015-16 South Region EIP Programme Report 

Over the coming year, we will use our collective experience and expertise to achieve our key objective which is to:

Develop EIP services so that people with first episode psychosis are able to access NICE recommended treatments within 14 days of referral.

We are here to help

Our ambition is to hasten the readiness of the region to deliver the above new standard for first episode psychosis. Our programme combines professional and public engagement to enable development of the region’s Early Intervention in Psychosis (EIP) services for better outcomes.

Our message is simple: treatment can be effective when it is evidence based – the earlier, the better.


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