Launch of the South Region EIP Preparedness Programme

Following the launch of the South Region EIP Preparedness Programme on 26th January, we have had very encouraging responses from people who are passionate about early intervention that have been in touch and asked to be involved. We really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedules to get in touch and share your views on how we reduce unwarranted variation in mental health services for first episode of psychosis.

There certainly seems to be a steady buzz of new activity in mental health.  In some ways, having been around for 10 years or so; Early Intervention in Psychosis Services are coming of age. But with this age comes greater responsibility to demonstrate value and continuous improvement. Recent reports like Rethink’s Lost Generation show that the readiness of services to deliver these standards varies a great deal locally and nationally.

However, whilst services might not be fully ready, what is extremely encouraging is the tenacious and realistically optimistic attitude which we have encountered with every early intervention team that has been kind enough to have allowed us to visit. A key challenge going forward is translating this into well designed services that can deliver demonstrable value whilst meeting the new standards.