The overall aim
of the EIP Preparedness Programme is to improve the region’s capacity and capability to meet the new mental health access and waiting time standards.

South Region Programme


 The specific objectives of the South Region EIP Preparedness Programme are to:

1. Raise awareness of the requirements of the A&WT standards.

2. Bring together local experts and establish quality improvement networks, ensuring effective linkage with existing networks of expertise.

3. Understand levels of demand in constituent CCGs and any inequities in access relative to the levels and patterns of psychosis incidence in the population.

4. Understand baseline performance against the A&WT standards in partner Trusts through analysis of locally collected data, in advance of the introduction of the standard.

5. Undertake a gap analysis of current EIP team structures, staffing mix and training and development needs for each partner Trust.

6. Support Trusts and CCGs in developing local preparedness action plans to meet the A&WT standards.

7. Allocate targeted funding to accelerate the implementation of preparedness action plans over 2015/16.

8. Support and facilitate local workforce development programmes, working with Trusts and Health Education England.

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